Papers are solicited for the following topics :

1 • Fundamental Thermal-hydraulics

  1. Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Fundamentals

  2. Boiling and Condensation Phenomena

  3. Experimental Methods and Instrumentation

  4. Rod Bundle Thermal Hydraulics

  5. Fluid-Structures and Materials Interaction

  6. Nano-Fluid Science and Technology Applications to Nuclear Systems

  7. Micro-Channel Flow and Heat Transfer Phenomena


2 • Code Development, Modeling and Applications

  1. Computational Methods, Modeling, Verification/Validation, Uncertainty Quantification

  2. Advanced Code Development and Validation/Verification/Applications

  3. Applications of Computational Methods to Nuclear Systems

  4. Novel system code development

  5. Multiscale methods in support to Nuclear Digital Twins 

  6. Subchannel Analysis

  7. Computational Fluid Dynamics

  8. Neutronics/Thermal-Hydraulics Coupling

  9. Multiscale methods 

3 • Operating LWRs Thermal Hydraulics and Safety

  1. Nuclear Reactor Plant Thermal Hydraulics and Safety

  2. Operating LWRs Thermal Hydraulics and Safety

  3. Thermal Hydraulics in Power Uprating/Life Extension

  4. Best Estimate LOCA

4 • Severe Accidents, Phenomena, Modeling

and Experiments

  1. Combustion and Fires, Modeling and Experiments

  2. Thermal Hydraulics in Accident Management


5 • Generation IV and Future Innovative Nuclear Reactors Thermal Hydraulics

  1. Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor Thermal Hydraulics

  2. Gas-cooled Reactor Thermal Hydraulics

  3. Molten-salt Reactor Thermal Hydraulics

  4. Next Generation LWR Thermal Hydraulics

  5. Small Modular Reactors

6 • Thermal Hydraulics of Non-Electricity Generating Nuclear Equipment

7 • Thermal Hydraulics of Waste Management

8 • Special Sessions

  1. High Performance Computing Applications in Nuclear Engineering 

  2. All-regime two-phase flow simulations

  3. Scientific Challenges for SMR 

  4. Use of Data Analytics for CFD

Student prize

 The students who want to compete for a symbolic prize can bring a poster based on the submitted article.

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